About us

Our company

Siegecraft Electronics was founded as the result of a hobby gone mad.  It started with a single pinball Black Knight pinball machine purchased from E-bay.  After successful repairs, and internet discussions about it, people began requesting me to do repairs on their own circuit boards... a service which is still available today. The more repairs that were done, the more I began to tinker with my own tools to make these repairs easier.  As word spread, the demand grew to sell these to other customers, and thus Siegecraft Electronics was born.

We actively develop diagnostic tools to make repairing your own machines easier, with a heavy focus on Williams machines.  These tools are intended to be simple to use, small enough to carry into the field, and based on both my own experience conducting repairs, with a lot of input from customers. Designs are revised on a regular basis due to customer input and we welcome your comments on how we can improve our products.