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Chapter 1:
Homecoming and general overview.
Chapter 2:
Power supply rebuild

Chapter 3:
Driver Board rebuild

Chapter 4:
CPR Playfield Swap

Shiny, new, and oh so FAST!
Chapter 5:
LED lamp upgrade.

A semi-comprehensive test of what to expect in temp and power use changes when swapping to LED's.
(In Progress)
Chapter 6:
Flipper Rebuild and Upgrade

Rebuilding the old System 6-7 flippers with WPC hardware.
 Chapter 7:
Coin Door Upgrade

Swapping in an upgraded coin door.
Have an idea what you want to see? Drop me an e-mail and suggest a new chapter.  I'm always up for new ideas.
Pop Bumper decal How-To
Who says you can't have it all?
Machine Variations
Not all factory original machines are the same.

Here's a very much in-progress view at what changes Williams made during, and after, production on Black Knight.
(In Progress)